Commercial Cleaning 

At The Mop Heads, we understand that commercial cleaning is completely different than residentail cleaning. Your list of needs and priorities are different. In most cases commercial jobs require after hour cleanings and sometimes multiple days per week. Thats why we have specially trained evening teams. Specifically designated for cleaning  commercial jobs. Efficient, safe and reliable cleanings. 

These cleanings include.

General Cleaning (All Areas):
• Dusting and wiping surfaces: Desks, tables, counter tops, shelves, blinds, etc.
• Vacuuming and mopping floors: carpets, rugs, hard floors (Tile, laminate, hardwood)
• Glass cleaning: Doors, walls, interior windows
• Disinfection of high touched surfaces for safe and healthy environment
• Light dusting in common areas, cubicles, offices, etc. 
• Trash: emptying all bins and shredders replacing bags and proper disposal
Kitchen/ breakrooms areas:
• Light cleaning of cabinets and sinks
• Countertops
• Inside and out of microwaves outside of all other appliances
• Coffee/ drink areas
• Floor cleaning: sweeping, vacuuming, moping
• Cleaning toilets 
• Sinks
• Mirrors
• Countertops
• Floors


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